Order Packaging

Your order will be sent to you in FSC certified packaging, which is fully recyclable.  Your item will be wrapped in crisp white acid-free tissue paper, sealed with our monogram sticker.

We have sourced sturdy cardboard boxes, which have a self-seal strip to eliminate the need for tape, and which you can easily re-use for returns.

Currently we are working on sourcing boxes which have a double self-seal strip, to make it easier for you to seal the box again when returning items to us (or re-using your box for another purpose!) so that you don't need to use any tape.

Reducing Waste

Have you spotted the checkbox in your Shopping Cart which asks whether you'd be happy to receive your order in a re-used box?

We are working to reduce waste, and would love to start re-using the boxes that we receive back when customers send returns. 

This is usually our original packaging, which has already done two journeys:  from us to the customer, then back to us.  But because we use a sturdy box, these boxes are usually in good enough condition to be used again, rather than chucked into the recycling bin.

The reason we are asking your permission, rather than just using these boxes for any order, is because we know that some people may be ordering their item as a gift, or have another reason why they would prefer a new box (no judgement here!)

IIf you do opt in for a re-used box, your item will still be wrapped in a new sheet of our crisp white acid-free tissue paper, and packed with the upmost care that all our orders receive. 

Your box may look a little scruffy (there might be some old tape or a few dents here and there) but we will make sure we only use boxes which are in a good enough condition to travel through the post again.

Please note that opting-in does not guarantee that you will receive your order in a re-used box, as we might run out of them if lots of people opt-in! 

We will only be offering this option to our UK customers, as we prefer to use a new box for international orders, to make sure that items are as well-protected as possible on these longer journeys.

For every order sent in a re-used box, our plan is to donate GBP1 to an environmental conservation charity.  As this is a new scheme, we are still researching the best charity to partner with, but we will update this page with details once this is finalised. 

Thank you for helping us to reduce waste.