FAQs - 2022

IMPORTANT UPDATE 29th July 2022:
Our online store is now CLOSED until 5pm on 10th August 2022 (that's why there are no products in it - don't panic, they will be coming back!)

This is because we are taking all stock to Wilderness Festival, where we will be running our pop-up shop.

Can I still send back returns during this time?
Yes - you can find all returns info on your packing slip or here

There will be a delay in processing refunds for returns received during this time: all returns received between 2nd - 7th August will be refunded in the week commencing 8th Aug (it may take us a few days to get through them so your patience is very much appreciated - we are a small team!)

Please please PLEASE can I order or reserve something?  I'm desperate!
We physically can't send out any orders during this time, because our stock (and our team) is on site at Wilderness Festival.  We also can't reserve items.  Really sorry but you will just have to wait until we get back and re-open the online shop.

Can I still contact you while the online store is closed?
Absolutely - the best way to contact us is by email or Whatsapp on +44 7510 361407 (please do not call this number, it is for messaging only)

It may take us a little longer than usual to get back to you as we will be on site at the festival with unreliable internet coverage!  Thank you in advance for your patience.

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