Rosa Bloom founder of Rosa Bloom


Rosa Bloom is an eclectic, playful clothing label, dreamt up in 2008 by founder Rosa Bloom.  Both eye-catching and wearable, her designs occupy the beguiling space between ready-to-wear and costume.  The brand has gained a cult following, attracted to the sense of freedom and transformation that the clothes embody.


Rosa splits her time between Cornwall and Bali, where the garments are made by hand; each of the trademark oversized scale-like sequins are hand-stitched. The whole collection is available online and through the travelling pop-up which tours UK festivals every summer, as well as occasionally in London.


Despite her work being worn by numerous performing artists, and being featured in an array of fashion magazines including Vogue, the world that Rosa has created retains a personal essence, and a sense of magic and playfulness that is hard for anyone to resist.  At age four and a half, on a trip to Peru with her family, as her parents marvelled at the spectacle of Machu Picchu, Rosa sat down on a rock and said "I want to go home to play with my dressing up clothes!"  With a studio scattered with sequins and over-flowing dressing-up boxes, it’s clear that not much has changed.