Street Style

Bloom style inspiration from around the world.

Woman in sequin romper by Rosa Bloom walks through Oklahoma city

@alexaaace @tlynnmcknight in Oklahoma, USA

Woman in matching sequin outfit by Rosa Bloom poses against orange wall

@willowcurves at Midsumma Festival in Mebourne, Australia

Singet Holly Holden performs at Outlook Festival

@holly_holden performing at Outlook Festival
in Croatia 

Woman in sequin dungarees by Rosa Bloom at Sketch London

@byvicki at Sketch in London, UK

Rosa Bloom staff at pop up shop

Team Rosa Bloom in the UK

Woman in all sequin jumpsuit by Rosa Bloom at MOAT festival in Melbourne

"I have never felt so beautiful"
@sarah.j.wall before performing at the MOAT Festival Launch
in Melbourne, Australia

Group of performers in bright sequin outfits by Rosa Bloom in Berlin

@nebulake_ music video styled by @l.o.m_fashion in Berlin, Germany (click on photo to watch video!)

Woman poses in sequin leggings by Rosa Bloom in Crystal Palace

@wheresmytentblog in London, UK

Two friends pose in Lille France wearing a stripey jumosuit and sequin shorts by Rosa Bloom

@kitty_maconinstagram in Lille, France

Girl poses against a white backdrop in sequin crop top

@elliehalll in Brisbane, Australia 

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