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Celebrating the formidable stage wear of Laura Leezy 

Laura Lee crouching on a marble coffee table wearing a tight Rosa Bloom jumpsuit covered in large round iridescent purple sequins and metallic heels in front of lavish purple velvet couches and a gold tiger ornament on the table

Photographer Ben Sklar

Khruangbin bassist and singer Laura Lee never performs in the same outfit twice.

On stage, Lee and her bandmates, guitarist and vocalist Mark Speer and drummer Donald "DJ" Johnson, are instantly recognisable. Lee and Speer wear matching jet black Cleopatra wigs, and Lee, who is also known by her stage name and alter-ego Laura Leezy, insists on intimidatingly high heels.

Clothing has become an integral part of Lee's performance; after seeing Elton John do four costume changes during one of his shows, she vowed to don at least two extraordinary outfits per gig.  She has worn quite the array of Rosa Bloom looks, and we're in good company:  Laura and her stylist, Megan Boyes, not only collaborate with big names such as Alberta Ferretti, Christopher Kane, and Mary Katrantzou, but also love to seek out up-and-coming designers from around the world when planning outfits for Khruangbin's tours.

"Part of the goal with the wigs was so that we could be recognisable one way on stage and then unrecognisable off stage.  Even now, playing in front of 1,500 people can be terrifying.  So the wigs and the stage costumes became a sort of armour.  They also put me in a specific zone; it gets me ready to be in a performance space — to go out there and do my thing.”

Laura Lee talking with Andrew Dansby in the Houston Chronical

Laura Leezy's Rosa Bloom Looks

Laura Lee on stage playing the bass guitar wearing a black Cleopatra style wig and a green sequin Rosa Bloom Twinks crop top over a lycra catsuit with aqua lighting behind

Photographer Sam Silkworth 

Laura Lee on stage playing the bass guitar wearing thigh high snake skin boots and high neck leotard covered in large round iridescent hot pink sequins

Photographer Kris Comer

 Photographer Mae Ryan

Photographer Peter Wallace

"All these clothes in the world, crafted and designed by artistic people, they deserve to be played with and not kept in a box in the attic. They should get to have a moment of their own."

Laura Lee, Houston Chronical

Photo credit Laura Lee

Photographer Ben Sklar

Photographer Annabelle Sadler 

More epic Leezy fashion moments 

Wearing Rocky Star  

Wearing Burnt Soul collaboration with artist Paula Duró Photographer Kirby Gladstein   

Photographer Mauricio Santana 

Wearing Ellie Lines

Wearing L.O.M. Fashion Photographer Guillermo Prieto

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