Hen Party Dress Code: Sequins 

Eleri's Sequin Themed Sparkly Hen Party

"I wore the gorgeous blue sequin jumpsuit of dreams to my wedding in August and also to my hen do in July.  The wedding: I cracked this bad boy out for the evening and it was such a hit! The wedding was a total DIY job, such an “honest” and organic wedding, and the jumpsuit did just the trick! I was so happy and it made me feel such a bad ass bride. It was totally spontaneous but the guests loved it. So did I. We got married in the farming village of Warehorne, Kent.

And the hen do was atop a trendy multi storey car park in Peckham, Franks. I couldn’t have asked for a better occasion to wear it and I can’t wait to get it out for future festivals! I had so many compliments and people were literally running across the dance floor to stroke me and chat about it!!! We ended up at Bussey Building dancing our hearts out to some Soul Train live jazz. It was the best night.

It made me feel so special and beautiful. I cannot thank you enough for the confidence it gave me - I never imagined I would actually wear it as I had just had a baby and I thought that my bod had degraded massively! This well made, structured and gorge jumpsuit gave me the boost that I needed.

See below for photos of the best summer ever in my Rosa Bloom beauty!"

- Eleri

Eleri wears the Aphrodite in the colour Daydream from our 2019 collection. Take a look at our current range of Aphrodite Jumpsuits here.

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