Happiness Is...

Elated woman wearing a pink sequin leotard
A woman wearing the Fifi leotard in flamingo dances


"I just received the Fifi leotard after a really awful experience trying on wedding dresses. I ordered an XL, as I'm a larger gal.

I have to tell you, I was SO excited to receive this garment and after feeling completely awful trying on dresses that didn't fit, it feels SO INCREDIBLE to put on this piece and feel like a total GODDESS.

Thank you Rosa, thank you Nengah Ropik [the woman who stitched the sequins on this piece], thank you to the whole team for making magical clothes and making me feel like a total f**king boss queen"

- Angelina (yep, that's her in the picture

The Fifi sequin leotard

Fifi Leoard in Opal
Fifi Leoard in Angelica
Fifi Leoard in Moonrise
Fifi Leoard in Solar
Fifi Leoard in Daydream
Fifi Leoard in Black

Angela wears the Fifi leotard in Flamingo.