Bloom Brides

A bride and groom wearing seuqin clothing share a kiss

Poppy and Karim

"As you’ll see, my husband, four bridesmaids and me all wore Bloom... and at one point one of our male friends tore one of the girls’ pink leotards off to wear himself on the dancefloor. Somehow the DJ managed to find his way into some Bloom too. 

Thank you so much for kitting us all out 
– it was such a highlight and really got the party going!

One of my bridesmaids (the one in the Orchid playsuit in the photos) is getting married in a few weeks, and she’s going to wear your white full-length sequin jumpsuit. So you’ve got a new convert!

Thanks so much again - love what you do, and the sustainable way it’s made is the icing on the cake. Keep doing what you’re doing! 💕🎉💃🏽"
- Poppy
Photographs by Ed Godden 

A bride and groom both wear bright sewuin clothing to their wedding
Man in sailor hat dances with woman in sequin rompers
Friends in sequin outfits dance together
Festival wedding inspiration as bride and groom dress in sequins
Bridesmaids in sequin playsuits dance at a wedding
A bride in a red sequin playsuit dances at her wedding
A bridesmaid nearly catches the bouquet at a wedding
A groom in a sequin jacket and sailor hat takes centre stage at his wedding
A wedding DJ performs in a sequin bomber jacket
A wedding guest dances in a purple sequin leotard
A bride with henna hand tattoos holds her husband's shoulder
A bride and groom in sequin outfits share a kiss
A bridal party wearing sequins carry the groom

Poppy and Karim's wedding wardrobe

Mella Cape Playsuit in Blaze

Mella Cape Playsuit in Blaze

Poppy wore the Mella in Blaze from our 2017 collection, at the time of writing we still have one left in stock! 

Supernova Bomber Jacket in Hologram Silver

Supernove Bomber Jacket in Hologram Silver

Karim wore the Supernova bomber in Hologram Silver. The bombers will return in our next collection! 

Fifi leotard playsuit in Flamingo

Fifi Leotard in Flamingo 

Poppy's bridesmaid wore the Fifi in Flamingo. We currently stock the Fifi in these colours.   

Mella Cape Playsuit in Orchid

Mella Cape Playsuit in Orchid 

Poppy's other bridesmaids all wore the Mella playsuit in various colours from our previous collections. We currently stock the Mella in these colours.  

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