Bloom Brides

Woman in bright sequin jumpsuit dances

Meredith & Jameson

 "I chose to wear Rosa Bloom because I love sequins! They are bright, they make people smile and represent being carefree and letting go of your inhibitions, to just be in the moment, dance, and overall happiness. 
Life is so short and so precious and we tend to take it all too seriously. I wanted to change out of my dress, let loose after 10 months of planning and just enjoy the heck out of the night dancing until I was kicked off the floor and take in all our family and friends being together in one place for this one night. 
The moment I knew I loved my husband was when we were at Coachella running in holding hands racing to see one of our favourite bands and this outfit reminds me of that moment. 
Thank you for creating such special pieces that bring so much joy to those who wear them and those who surround them! - Meredith
Photography by Brookes Shannon.
Meredith wears the Aphrodite in Opal.

Woman in bright sequin jumosuit poses with a friend
Woman wears a sequin jumpsuit to her wedding
Woman in jumpsuit covered in large white sequins dances on the dancefloor
Close up image of woman in a sequin jumpsuit dancing at her wedding
Woman in Opal sequin jumpsuit dances with friends at her wedding
Woman sings on while on the dance floor at her wedding
Bride wears a bright white sequin jumpsuit to her wedding reception

The Hen Party 

Woman in sequin playsuit poses with friends
Woman in pearl sequin crop top kisses friend on the cheek

The Aphrodite Jumpsuit 

Jumpsuit covered in large round iridescent white sequins
Jumpsuit covered in large round iridescent blue sequins
Jumpsuit covered in large round iridescent orange sequins
Jumpsuit covered in large round iridescent green and blue sequins

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